These are the primary values that shape the activities and achievements of Provo Bible Church as a group of believers.

  • Sovereignty – God, through His Son and in His Spirit, directs lives.
  • Transformation – He’s in the business of changing people’s hearts.
  • Sufficiency – His Word, the Bible, renovates their true character.
  • Dependence – His grace, in His church, encourages this growth.

We are determined to join God’s plan to make disciples and change peoples lives through the proclamation of His Gospel, the ministry of His Word, and edification of the Body of Christ. We want to be very purposeful in encouraging people to grow in their Christian lives, maturing people who become disciple-making disciples of Christ. As a body we believe this to be our acceptable manner of worship to God.

This will require a fresh biblical perspective.

  • Moving away from stressing church growth to Gospel growth.
  • Shifting from relying on administration to emphasizing ministry.
  • Changing from filling program gaps to nurturing new people.
  • Ceasing to using people and begin growing individuals.
  • Moving from solving problems to helping people mature.
  • Changing method from running programs to building people up.
  • Refocusing energy from running events to training people.
  • Redirecting interest from immediate pressures to long-term growth.
  • Shifting from church polity to creating shared ministry partnerships.
  • Stop relying on certified institutions and start local training.
  • Moving beyond professional ministry to fostering team leadership.