Our vision for ministry at Provo Bible Church is:

Fulfilling the Great Commission by sharing His gospel, proclaiming His Word, and equipping His church to glorify God in all of life.

1.  Reaching out to share the Gospel of Jesus with courage

  • Sharing the biblical message of Jesus to save men and women through faith in His life, death, and resurrection for the forgiveness of their sins, and to a new life in Him.
  • Faithfully sharing the Gospel, pointing people to the cross of Christ depending on the power of God to save.
  • The aim of our outreach is to make followers of Jesus.

2.  Teaching to proclaim the Word of God with authority

  • Seeking to preserve the teaching of the Gospel given to us in the Bible, as God uses it to encourage our faith, godliness, and hope.
  • Biblical teaching always informs experience and practice making us doers and not just hearers of the Word.
  • The objective of all our teaching is individual communion and       submission to God.

3.  Discipling to equip the Body of Christ for usefulness.

  • If God cares so much about our growth that He commands and causes it, then we should make it a priority in our lives.
  • The sure sign of spiritual health is seeing our knowledge of God take root and begin to transform our lives.
  • Serving others promotes individual growth through loving fellowship and enhances our testimony for those who are watching.

3.  Worshiping to glorify the Living God who is worthy of our delight

  • Our passion to glorify God should be manifest in all of life, which prepares us to gather and worship Him together.
  • God determines how we worship Him, so we insist our approach be defined by His Word.
  • God is the object of worship and His people will long to come together to worship Him on the Lord’s Day.