While everyone is very welcome to attend our services and activities, we encourage regular attendees to consider becoming members of Provo Bible Church.

Qualifications for Membership

Any person desiring to unite with this church shall:

  • Express personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Give clear evidence of having been born again and demonstrate sincere desire to live a godly, exemplary, separated, and obedient Christian life.
  • Express agreement with the Doctrinal Statement and Constitution of this church.
  • Agree to support this church by prayer, faithful attendance, and systematic giving as taught in the Word of God.

Procedure for Receiving Members

  • The candidate for membership shall submit to the Pastor his application on the form provided by the church for this purpose.
  • The candidate shall be interviewed by the pastor and elders.
  • Upon satisfactory examination, the applicant shall be recommended to the church.
  • After a two week waiting period, if no member raises any concern about the applicant, the individual shall become a member.  If there is any concern raised, the Elders and Pastor shall make a thorough investigation and decision.  The decision of the Elders and Pastor shall be final.  If no concerns are raised the applicant will be welcomed into the membership of the church.
  • Upon approval of membership, this church shall notify his former church that the applicant’s membership is to be discontinued to avoid dual membership.
  • Associate membership may be permitted to missionaries, students, or temporary residents, as approved by the elders.  The associate member must choose in which church he will vote.

Termination of Membership

  • By death.
  • By letter of recommendation and dismissal to unite with another church.
  • By erasure.  Any member uniting with another church thereby automatically ceases to be a member of this church and his name shall be erased from the roll except when the elders approve dual membership.  Any member for any reason may request to have his membership canceled and his name dropped from the roll.  Any member not attending any of the meetings of the church for a period of six months, without reason, and otherwise inactive may be erased from the membership roll by the elders.
  • By exclusion.  Any member who conducts himself in a manner which is deemed harmful to the interests and purposes of this church may be removed from membership, providing that disciplinary measures have first been taken and have failed to effect correction, and providing that such a member has been given opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the elders.