16 copyMen’s Ministry at Provo Bible Church seeks to establish life-on-life settings and strategies for the purpose of growing men in Christ-like living, reproducing men who are disciple-makers, and developing men for church leadership.

1.  Growing men in Christ-like living

We welcome men in the instruction of God’s Word (Col 1.28), focusing on issues suited to their spiritual needs.  A man’s growth is established through an ever-increasing knowledge of Christ (1 Pet 3.17-18), the conviction to follow hard in faith and obedience (Rom 12.1-2), and applying what he has learned to his life (Eph 4.14-16).

2.  Reproducing men who are disciple-makers

We encourage the men of Provo Bible to be involved in the lives of other men.  Men growing in grace and truth come alongside faithful men, modeling godly character (1 Cor 16.13) and cultivating biblical disciplines in the lives of others (1 Tim 4.6-11) through the strength of experience and mutual accountability (Prov 27.17).

3.  Developing men for church leadership

We concentrate on men of biblical character (1 Tim 3.2-7), able to encourage others by their example and walk with the Lord (1 Cor 11.1).  We train these men (2 Tim 2.1-21) to lead through sacrifice, devotion, submission, and humility, challenging them to reproduce these qualities (1 Tim 3.1-10) in the lives of other men.