Your child’s safety and security are one of our primary concerns. For this reason we are careful who we permit to serve in children’s ministry. All workers are approved as per our Child Protection Policy, a regular part of our church, and to have passed a background check.

The Child Protection Policy is a detailed set of rules and procedures all children’s ministry workers are required to follow.

Provo Bible Church is committed to provide a safe environment for every child. This commitment includes but is not limited to the following guidelines. These guidelines are to be followed by every individual who serves in our Children and Youth Ministries.

  • All children and youth workers must complete a ministry application, background check and be approved by a staff member of Provo Bible Church.
  • Every group of children under third grade must do their best to have at least two workers present at all times.
  • When a classroom is in use, the main door must always remain unlocked. Blinds must remain open at all times. During the evening hours a light must remain on.
  • When taking children to the restroom, workers should only enter the restroom to assist a child when absolutely necessary. Always keep the outside door open.
  • Use proper judgment when having physical contact with a child.
  • Only women may change diapers.
  • [All children under grade three may leave the end of class only when accompanied by a parent or guardian.]
  • Parents are welcome to observe their child in any class or club. However, if a parent desires to observe for more than two weeks, they must complete a Ministry Application and receive permission from a staff member.
  • If a worker or parent believes a child is in an unsafe environment or suspects abuse they should contact a church staff member immediately.

All workers must be aware of the Provo Bible Church “Child Protection Policy.”