The heart of worship at Provo Bible is about loving and living for God. As our Creator He is worthy of our delight. Worship is about coming before God, remaining with Him, and walking with Him in joyful obedience. We are created for His glory. Our passion to glorify God is to be manifest in all of life, and that prepares us to gather and worship Him together. He has counseled us in His Word in the way we are to come together, and we eagerly assemble on the Lord’s day to worship the One we love.

So, to lead people before a Holy God in song means we aim to exalt Christ—high and lifted up—by directing the people’s hearts toward their Sovereign King, who conquered sin and death, is greater than every temptation and trial, and has provided a living hope through His life, death, and resurrection.

A Vision for Worship

The truth of the Gospel is our only hope, so our desire is to put it in the mouths of people, asking God to place it into their hearts.

  • Truth Shapes our Worship – Our worship is built, shaped and saturated in the Scriptures. It is formed by the divine revelation of God’s Word as the foundation for our worship.
  • Truth Informs our Worship – Worship without truth is not possible. If we knew nothing about God—His greatness, holiness, goodness, and His gospel—we would have no reason to worship. We must know God in order to worship Him in spirit and truth.
  • Truth Compels our Worship – The more we know Who God is, the more we delight in knowing Him. The more knowledge we have of Him, the stronger our desire grows to know Him.

Great church music leaders are, in many ways, like evangelists because they testify of the truth, goodness, and transcendent beauty of God. They take the church on an adventure into what is the mystery of God. We are a church which upholds words, sound doctrine, and clear passionate preaching, but it is exactly because our message is so profound and glorious that we must sing. Truth is not just for the mind, it’s to be felt and experienced and be a source of real delight. And so, we sing.

What do we do when we come face to face with something truly beautiful? We experience it. And worship singing done well directs this experience toward a longing for God’s regenerating richness to impact our lives and the world around us. It moves us toward the glory of God. As we sing we want the church to feel in harmony with the truth that is announced in the song—a truth to be enjoyed, experienced, embraced, and enacted by the congregation in the context of worship. Great worship in singing speaks with clarity about God, who is the subject behind the music. And God is in the business of changing lives.

If the challenge each Sunday is that the truth of the Gospel transforms our lives, then beautiful motivating music is fundamental to the case we are making. So we want to aim our songs at both truth and beauty, at  the glorious atoning work of Christ, and at the highest affections for God and what is true about God. Welcome to our music ministry. Leading others in worship is a unique calling and blessing. Our task is to teach our people to worship God in song that is infectious, walk well with God, be an instrument of the Holy Spirit, and enjoy every minute of it.

Participation in PB music ministry

We are looking for believers with evidence of possessing a newness of life. Worship is a visible connection with God, reflecting a growing relationship in Christ. Leading music in worship needs to reflect the character of Christ and exemplify a life-changing faith in Him. Our commitment to each ministry team member is to assist you in your walk with the Lord. To help us in doing this we ask for the following commitment from you:

  • Watch over your walk with the Lord. Be involved in regular devotions, retreats, small groups, and the kinds of things that encourage Christ-likeness. Sinful life patterns can sideline people from ministry.
  • Participate in the life of PB. We ask that you attend services and be regularly involved in other ministries of the church (Home Study Groups, men’s, women’s, Sunday school, youth, etc.). This helps to set the tone for everyone’s participation in the lives of others in the church.
  • Teens are welcome (juniors and seniors in high school) whose home life and youth participation reflect the degree of maturity (potential leadership qualities) necessary for this kind of visibility in ministry. You will be asked for references from your pastor, youth leader and parents.
  • Church membership is encouraged. In ministry, PB makes a promise to assist your spiritual growth, and your membership signals your commitment to that vital process. Opportunities in leadership are limited to those willing to be faithful to this measure (there are membership classes every 6 months).
  • A servant’s heart is essential. Our music leaders work directly with the teaching pastor and need your willingness to follow their direction. Their desire is to be organized, careful, thoughtful, and honest. Their request is for you to arrive on time, prepared, practiced, and ready to cooperate as a team.
  • PB does not have a dress code, but suitable appearance is expected. The last thing we want is to be a distraction for those we are leading in worship. Clean and modest are the best considerations (when asked we generally encourage something along the lines of “business causal”).
  • The teaching pastor and music leaders will make the final determination on who participates in PB’s music ministry.

These are the kinds of things that can help keep our praise vibrant and effective in the hearts of God’s people. Your heart is the most crucial element in your participation. Guard it carefully. Yield your life to the Holy Spirit, respond to the teaching of God’s Word, and enjoy your service to the Body of Christ in this special ministry.