Music team July 2014 - CopyFrom the earliest days of the church, believers devoted themselves to worshiping together in steadfast, single-minded fidelity toward God (Acts 2:42-43). The Bible describes worship as bending before God in honor and adoration—God is the Holy Sovereign Creator, and man is the fallen dependent creature responding to His Majesty.

God Himself determines the way in which He is to be worshiped since man’s own understanding has been distorted by his fallen sinful state (Rom 3:10-18). In corporate worship we acknowledge God by approaching Him in a manner which pleases Him, and then responding appropriately as He reveals Himself through the preaching of the Word. This is accomplished on our part with sincerity of heart, pure, simple and basic.

This allows us to express reverence (Heb 12:28), joy (Rev 19:7), sorrow (Ps 51), and even intimacy (John 15:14-15) as we respond in heartfelt confession, repentance and obedience. In this, good worship leaves the believer feeling clean, fresh, glad, and ready to take on the things of God.

Music in Worship

The Purpose of a Music Ministry in the Church: 

  • Worship of the Almighty (Ps 30:12; 104:33; 108; Col 3:16).
  • Edification and education of God’s saints (Col 3:16).

The Characteristics of Godly Music – Our Music Philosophy: 

  • Godly music is based on wisdom (Col 3:16).
  • Godly music exalts God and not the worshiper.
  • Godly music reflects and teaches biblical truth (Eph 5:18; Col 3:16).
  • Godly music must be consistent with the character of God (1 Cor 10:31). Music that is contrary to the character of God and violates it will not bring glory to Him.

The Requirements and Qualifications of God’s Musicians: 

  • Participants are to be God’s children. As the whole of Scripture teaches that genuine worship can only come from a heart right with God, we ask that all members of the music ministry be born-again Christians.
  • Participants are to be appointed (I Chr 15:11-22; 16:4-7, 37, 41-42). Many will desire certain positions, but it will be important to follow this biblical precedent of appointing those who will serve in various areas of the music ministry. The music coordinator will be appointed by the Church leadership and other participants will be appointed by the music coordinator and subject to approval by the leadership.
  • Participants are to have clean hearts and hands (I Chr 15:12, 14; Num 8:5-14; Gal 5:22-23).  The musicians of the Old Testament were first cleansed before offering up worship.  Even today this is not an optional practice.  We must be ones who exhibit the fruit of the Spirit and are controlled by the Spirit (Eph 5:18-21).

Other Areas of Consideration:

  • Commitment to the ministry.  Our worship team needs the ongoing faithfulness of each individual member to give God their very best. As a church we are committed to doing everything to the best of our ability and for God’s glory. With this in mind, we ask all worship team members to attend practices and meetings as scheduled by the music coordinator.
  • Unity in ministry. Satan will do his best to divide those involved in any ministry. Music, however, tends to be a particularly sensitive area. We cannot allow personal conflicts or personality differences to stand in the way of worship to our God. All disagreements and difficulties should be handled directly between involved parties in accordance with biblical guidelines (Matt 18:15-20).
  • Appropriateness in ministry. Music in the church should be focused on worship and we will avoid any behavior, attire, or music selection that distracts from rather than enhances worship.